"Agritrade" is a leading company in the export of coriander seeds /whole and splits/ from Bulgaria.

Our unchanging commercial policy, from the company's founding until today, has always been to deliver on time to our partners only the best quality coriander seeds.

Annually we deliver to different parts of the world about 5000 tons under the following specifications:

Purity – min 99% Splits – max.5% Moisture – max.11% Packing – PP bags X 25 kg G/N
The using means of transport are containers or trucks depending on the destination.

Coriander /Coriandrum Sativum/ is one of the most ancient herbs and spices in the world, known thousands of years ago.

This annual herbaceous plant is native to Asia and the Mediterranean. It owes its name to the Greek author Pliny. The seeds of the plant contain essential oil and are a source of protein, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and manganese. Coriander fruits have anti-inflammatory effects, positively affect the circulatory system, activate secretion in the intestines, stomach and lungs. Coriander seeds are a raw material for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. They are an essential ingredient in the manufacture of various types of fragrances, curries, oleic acid and soaps. Ground coriander fruits are used to flavour candies, liqueurs, pastries, various sausages and preserves.

There are more than 40 varieties of coriander. They differ in appearance, leaf shape and seeds. In the production of coriander, on which the leaves are used, vegetable varieties are sown . They bloom later, have tender leaves and a specific aroma. When growing coriander for seeds, varieties are used that guarantee their high quality. Depending on their climatic conditions and culinary traditions, producing countries grow different varieties of coriander.

There are many different benefits of coriander for human health:
-Reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
-Lower blood pressure;
-Enhance lipid metabolism;
-Improve the work of the digestive system;
-Lower blood sugar levels;
-Their antibacterial properties lead to relief of painful symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome;
-Reduce arthritis pain;
-Linalool, the main compound in them, reduces anxiety in humans, has anticonvulsant properties and a positive effect on the central nervous system;
All the ground parts and fruits of the coriander plant are used in cooking. The leaves and stem are an integral part of salads and meat dishes in the national cuisines of India, America, Europe, Morocco, Egypt. Dried coriander seeds are used in marinades, soups, baked goods, as well as in the production of curries, chili and tea.

Bulgaria is one of the largest traditional producers and exporters of coriander seeds. Given the climatic conditions in the country, there is only one harvest. The harvesting usually begins in the second half of July. The seeds are stored in warehouses. Their preparation is carried out in specialized cleaning stations.

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