It all began in 1992 ....

Agritrade Ltd, founded more than 30 years ago, is a traditional exporter of pulses, seeds and grains for human consumption and bird feeding.

Our good reputation, honesty and reliability are well known to our customers and suppliers and have brought us respect and loyalty.


Whole and split coriander seeds is our main product. Our production activity is concentrated in South Bulgaria. We pay special attention on cleaning and packing of our various grains and seeds using modern equipment.
In Agritrade , we are proud to serve our clients with the timely delivery of the top quality products. Our team of professionals is ready to work for you anytime you need whether you are buying or selling, offering reliable service, knowledge and dedication.
Our main strategy is to establish and foster mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our producers, processors and buyers. Our quality control standards , strict documentation requirements and continually monitored shipments guarantee the integrity of our products to be maintained from the producer’s bin to the buyer’s warehouse and the benefits of all participants in the supply chain.